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Astral Projection Method: Staring

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The Astral Projection Method: Staring is very simple, but may take several tries. It works by guiding you to the crossing the awake/sleep line – and essential step for reaching an experience beyond the physical.

(Please bare in mind I did not write this method, I found it in my very first journal from 2000 and it is most likely a copy/paste from somewhere.)

The Method

Begin by taking an object that you can look at is as you drift off to sleep. You can also try taping a picture to the ceiling and using that, but you want it to be at a comfortable distance so that it doesn’t strain your eyes. Good objects would be unlit candles small statuettes, stuffed animals, a small mirror, a piece of fruit (apple, orange), a flower, a book, etc. Anything that keeps your interest. If you have a small fish in a fishbowl you may want to use that. Also, blue or violet toned objects will work best because you will practice in low lighting, and reds can’t be seen well in low lights (the human eye can see blues in the
dark while reds disappear).

Get comfortable and orient yourself so that you are relaxed, preferably laying or half laying down. Where loose, comfy clothes. Lights should be very dim if not off altogether (presuming it is light enough outside at the time). Now stare at the object. You will begin to get sleepy. Your body will get heavier and lose most feeling. You will feel like sleeping (your first couple of tries you may end up asleep), but the key is to fight off the tiredness. Your eyelids will get heavy and start to close a bit. Keep as awake as you can (without ever physically moving your body).

Your eyes will eventually close but you will still be “looking” at the object. You will see it and it should seem almost as if you are looking through your eyelids. At this point, your astral and your physical are slightly parted. Imagine slowly floating upward or rolling to the side (without physically doing it). Don’t be alarmed when you separate completely. You should be able to look at your physical body from outside it.

Congratulations, you are out-of-body!

Remember that the more you try this and the most vigilant you are to staying on the awake side of the w/s (wake/sleep) line the sooner you will have a successful OBE with this method.

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