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Feeling Incomplete as a Twin Flame

Read more: Feeling Incomplete as a Twin Flame

The cries of ‘You are already whole!‘ and ‘You dont need another to complete you’ is absolutely NOT what this is about. This sense of ‘missing and incomplete’ has NOTHING to do with twin flames, if they were REAL Twin Flames, they would know this…

So what is really going on with feeling incomplete?

The reason REAL Twin Flames feel this way is that they feel to be ‘here and not’ or ‘not fully here’, ‘something (of me) is missing’. However it is not missing, as in not here, its missing in the sense of ‘I cant see it’. That is because of the dual awareness and points of view being had by each individual human aspect AS the share Being.

However, this is usually misunderstood on a 3D perspective that brings about the cries of the Non-TF who wouldnt be able to understand this difference. Everyone is a ‘whole person’ as that is what humans are, an individual state of being. Most of these people that say this as a force of denial of being anything else (you can feel it in the words). These are not actually TF as if they were, they would understand WHY TF have a ‘feeling’ that brings about this sense. Either that the are fully in that individual ego-self. True TF are a foot in the individual and a foot in the shared energetic being. They are complete yet incomplete.

So why does this happen?

As TF, as you continue onwards you will realise that this feeling incomplete, that come across in these forms of wording, is actually coming from your ENERGEY self-perspective. NOT the mind, this is only how the mind is understanding the sense it is intercepting. You are energetically here, yet in a physical space, you are also ‘over there’ as well.

What does this look like in energy?

If you view this via your energetic senses (Astral/etheric, not the mental rooted sense/awareness) you can sense/see that you seem to have a energetic distance between ‘you’ and ‘you’. This is where all these senses of being incomplete and separated and ‘ripped away’ from. It looks like a black gap between you and the you over there.

The sense of being ‘ripped’ is NOT always a victim hood of the mind. (Light bypassers like to blame the mind to invalidate these feelings). It is the awakening of the spirit-self to realising that it has changed and is not all of what it remembered itself to be. Yet, it does not fully understand as it is not fully in its own remembrance as to how it got to be this way.

As I said any REAL TF will have a spiritual, experience beyond the mind and 3D reality that will show where these feelings that are coming to the 3d/mind will come from.

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