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Dreaming of my Twin Flame – Just what is Real?

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When you are dreaming of your Twin Flame… What is True? What is real? Is it really them and how they think/feel? Or is it YOU and how you think and feel? I am going to address this today prompted by last nights experience of my own latest dreaming of my twin flame.

Now, I should note here that I am a ‘Monadic Soul’ – not necessarily a ‘twin’, but a Monadic Soul with two ‘people’ nonetheless. Thus the latter parts of this article may only apply to other Monadics.

Dreaming of my twin flame can be amazing! Dreams of being in union for many years and together, happy.

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Sometimes we are newly meeting in full awareness, remembrance and knowing of each other and what we are. He will spot me give me a huge smile and practically skip over to me whilst I am feeling the light and love pouring off him. Wow…. those are glorious!

Sometimes he just walks by me, not knowing whom I am and I just let him walk by, slightly sad but I know its not time yet.

Other times I will spot him, knowing who/what he is and just watch over him without interfering as he ‘gets on with things’.

Other times I will know and watch him, to see if he looks at me and shows any signs of recognising me. If he is ‘ready’ yet.

Sometimes he is walking behind me with his friends and I can hear him talking about how I look familiar and they all discuss me. I do not interfere though, I keep walking and let him go through his process.

Then we have those like I had last night, which I admit don’t happen as often as the ones above.

I had found myself in the same building as my Twin Flame and he hated me, all his friend hated me. They thought I was stalking him, to force him into a relationship. I am sure I tried to just say ‘hello!’ and introduce myself (if that), yet I was just met with this hostility. In the end I turned to leave and just said ‘You are completely unaware, I am disappointed’ and walked off. I had simply been around (that is all I was meant to do) that long and nothing, in fact he seemed to regress.

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I could do nothing about any of it. One friend of his actually saw through that and knew I was a good person and was willing to listen to me. During this talk I told him how he (twin flame) and I were actually ‘from the same Monad’ and we were SO much more than a ‘relationship’. It turned out that our Monad was ‘dropping me off’ every morning to be around him. That is all I knew. I didn’t have a choice, Monad decided I should be there and put me there. Meanwhile, I had no choice but to stay in this situation that was causing me pain and was actually making me degrade in the toxic situation.

Is it how my Twin Flame really thinks and feels?

Honestly, I have no way to know. There is nothing here that suggests it is him at all. It is my dream (and a dream only click here for more info) and I can not ask him which would be the ONLY way to actually know for sure.

If you can ask your twin flame, ask him/her.. do not assume anything! You will only open a door to self-illusion and once you open that door, it becomes mighty easy to keep opening it because you like the idea of what lies beyond. This can seem easier than to admit ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I don’t know how he/she feels’ but it is important to stay true to that.

It is ok to not know, to open that door to self-illusion will only cause problems. To not know, is not a problem, the problem is when we misuse that awareness of not knowing.

In my case, we haven’t even physically met yet, so how can he have such a strong opinion of me to start with? So it can’t be personal.

Maybe it is how he feels and thinks towards this connection? Potentially, yet that is a mighty detailed reaction to an energy only connection, that is little more then a presence and knowing that you are connected to someone.

If this was him, in some fashion.. then.. is he bipolar? Is he mentally unstable or delusional? I mean, you would HAVE to be to flip-flop between all the above scenarios on a weekly if not nightly basis! Some of these dreams can be 2 nights apart. So it can’t be how he thinks or feels. Surely..

Is this how I am really thinking and feeling?

Initially, this makes more sense to me. It is my dream after all, it is all taking place in my energy, in my awareness. Unless it was a type of astral projection (which would be obvious) its all coming from me. So I am dreaming of my twin flame, about my twin flame.

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So initially, yes it would be from me, all mine, coming from my sub conscious, my energy. So if you are a twin flame and having dreams of your twin flame, it is most likely all about YOU. Is that how you feel and think in your present twin flame situation when you are awake. Not what your twin is doing, but how you feel? If it aligns and matches, there you go, its all more Inner Work for you to do. Wonderful.

So.. is it how I think and feel?

Well wouldn’t that make ME bipolar!?

I have been on a spiritual ascension path for 20 years now, connection process for 12 years and found my twin flame 7 years ago. I am steady and dedicated on my process, my self, ascension and my ‘Other’.

This flipflopping being me.. does not align with me either. So where is it coming from? If yours doesn’t align with you (be honest here, if you are a few months to a year in, it most likely IS you, you just don’t have the awareness to know it yet) so where is it coming from. We are good with ourselves and with our Twin and the journey.. so what is it?

So if it isn’t my Twin Flame or me…?

Yes, here is it, the ‘difference’. Or change I should say, for those advanced in their twin flame processes, not as ‘humans’ but as the souls themselves.

(For it to be this you, you need a good few years of being in the merging stages and well past the separation and resistance/denial stages. You would need to be in the last two stages, so if you are new, still ‘running or chasing’ not past surrender, it isnt for you.)

As I wrote through this after waking it occurred to me that if it is neither him or me, what else could it be. Then it hit me. This is how I am feeling in my ‘waking world’, however it isn’t about the waking world nor about how I fell towards that physical TF at all, it is the inner SHARED world. The inner landscape. It is the where and what is aligning and merging within. It is between ‘Me’ and this I now sense within me. Dreaming of my twin flame that do not match how I am and isnt him is how this is being known and experienced.

I can’t explain this, if you have the awareness of level of merging already, you will know if you know.

Its ‘OurSelf’ (name I gave it). I could sense it within/around my solar plexus. The joint, shared sense of ‘Us’. The ‘We’ that was not ‘me’ or ‘I’, or ‘Him’ nor the two of us side by side, but a sense of plural singular. Hence ‘OurSelf’. There is no ‘what’ or ‘who’ to this.

Feeling this gives me a huge ‘joint’ sense of responsibility and almost ‘duty’. ‘We’ are responsible for ‘OurSelf’, both of us. Anything we do to this OurSelf we do to ourselves and to each other. That is why it hurts in that dream. It is how OurSelf is treating itself.

It is a new level of ‘self-working’, Inner Work. Yeah… more work. Does it ever end? Time to go find out.

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