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Twin Flames Meeting? You Should know Pre-Meet.

This could be opening as a hot topic, so I am happy to open that up for some clarity to come out from all that steam which is fogging up some peoples glasses!

So many people speak how they had NO idea about being a twin flame, I do not mean just the concept but being connected to anyone and never having ANY spiritual awareness, sense or awakening before meeting them.

(Not) Sorry but.. I don’t see how this can be the case with being a twin flame or any other type of soul connection especially..

The Concept of Twin Flame Attachment with Bypass of Denial

If this is someone’s story, I would not consider them twin flames. They are catalysts (if anything spiritual at all and having a catalyst doesnt make you a Twin Flame either). It doesn’t matter how they argue or use common spiritual denial bypassing methods/words of:

  • ‘that’s your opinion’ = yes my opinion based on over a decade of said experiences and growth
  • ‘everyone’s truth is different’ – details are different, not the core experience
  • ‘I trust my intuition/knowing’ – What intuition? What knowing? You had no spiritual awareness or knowledge from growth at the time and a few years worth means nothing with this process
  • ‘You are stuck in your head’ – If I am stuck in my head after 20 years growth God help you
  • ‘You are talking from your ego’ – if you cant tell experience from Ego.. that explains everything!

So now that is over, lets move on.

So Why would twin flame meeting Not Happen This Way?

If anyone had no knowledge and awareness of this pre TF concept and pre-twin flame meeting, I take what is said with a full salt shaker let alone a pinch. I dont see how ACTUAL ‘TF’ wouldn’t know of that existence before hand. It is important to recall that things exist pre concept knowledge. If you are a Twin Flame, if you have a Twin Flame, you already ARE and always have been since the moment you were born.

Why? The very essence of what Twin Flames ARE makes this virtually impossible. This is the State of Existence that your very Being is currently manifested and experiencing .. this itself can NOT be completely unknown and hidden, even as a ‘3d human self’.

The experience and influence of being connected to someone, the innate knowing of someone you havent met yet, already loving someone you havent met yet, knowing you planned to meet someone, constant (years worth) of dreams of trying to find someone. The constant black hole in your chest, the feeling of something is missing. Yes, this is a real TF thing read the truth about it here:

People seem to not realise how PROFOUND and deep an existential state that this is. The ‘twin flame’ concept does a poor job in trying to convey this, hence we have so many people thinking themselves twin flames in such opposing, negative states such as abusive relationships and obsessive stalker behaviour.

So What is my Evidence of this Twin Flames Fact?

From the age of 15 years I knew (via consciousness downloads) about energy beings, that they could merge and realise they always had been One. I also learnt about ascension and dimensions. All LONG before I came across the TF concept, long before I came across even spirituality and metaphysicality and everything therein . When I came across the TF concept nearly a decade later it was just a 3D confirmation.

When I was 16 years old I would stand in the school grounds at break and look up at the sky knowing and wondering when, if I would meet my ‘man I love and havent met yet’. The one I knew was my ‘husband’ before we came to earth and knowing we had hoped to meet here whilst we were ‘working’.

I had regular dreams of running through crowds shouting ‘where are you?’ not knowing whom I was looking for. Astral visits for years by someone whom I only recognised on that astral layer, whom I know and loved. Who then started to hang around me, feeling lost and ignored by me, long before I came across the TF-concept.

Why? Because I have been in this state of ‘twin flame’ existence for my WHOLE LIFE. It is what I have always been and that has a GREAT influence over even our 3D selves and ‘human experiences’. It just CANT be hidden, not just the ‘twin flame’ part, but our very spiritual roots.

That for me is a true sign of a ‘Twin Flame’….. ‘pre-knowledge’, ‘pre-experience’, ‘pre-awakening’, ‘pre-ascension’ ready then to finally come across our Other..

Not a ‘ I knew nothing, I met someone, I felt I knew him, felt intense feeling, came across the concept’… no..

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