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Astral Projection Method: Dropping

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Out-of-body experiences, also known as Astral Travel or OBEs, are journeys into the astral plane.

These journeys can be of the normal world around you, but are not limited to that. They are a safe release that always guarantees a return.

Before you do anything, you MUST first be sure you have no fear of OBEs. You must also be passive, relaxed, and patient!

(Please be aware that this is not a method I have written, I found this in my first journal from 2000 and is most likely copy/pasted from somewhere else)

The Method

  • Relax in a bed or reclining chair
  • Take deep breaths, allowing your breath to slow naturally. Do not force it to slow down.
  • Induce sensations of “dropping” rapidly through the bed, several “inches” at a time. These must be quick “drops”, not slow sinking feelings.
  • Continue until you feel yourself “on the floor” and then rise up again.
  • Allow yourself to drift towards sleep, pulling yourself back each time. but do NOT physically move your body. You should being feeling very heavy.
  • As you drift towards sleep, you will see images. Use these images or create your own to focus on and stay aware
  • Soon you will feel vibrations. These are mild and you must remain passive
  • Visualize yourself floating above your body and feeling the “drops”
  • As soon as you have left your body, you will know, mostly at first by the following sensation followed by a temporary “blindness” and lightweight feeling

This will take practice, so give it time! Remember, once you are out, move far away from your body or you may be pulled back in. When you want to return, simply visualize your body and being back in it.

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