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How To: Energy Releasing – Basic (Healing)

Ok, I know some people still have trouble with energy releasing or have not yet learnt to sense or manipulate their energies. Or have access to any systems, however the good news is that you CAN still start on part of the healing process!

Introduction to Energy Releasing

Obviously being able to feel energy here is required, however, this process can also be used to learn to feel you own energy at the same time, so you are learning as you go .Sounds good to me!

The element of healing that you will be doing here is to release trapped and held onto energies that are stored in your body.

The Energy Releasing Process

  • Find a seat or lay down and close your eyes.  Take a minute to breathe and let go of any outside projection distractions happening inside your mind.
  • Now, you will be focusing on sections of your body at a time, the size of the section is dependent on how much you can hold in your awareness without loosing awareness itself. The more you stretch out your awareness.. the more your awareness is taking on stretching your awareness over an area then what is happening in that space.
  • Start by taking your awareness to the first section of your body, starting from the feet
    • (I like to create the idea of a box around the foot and fill my awareness with it)
  • Now feel that space that goes through the foot as if its not even there. Give permission to feel anything within this space, give this permission to yourself and the space itself. Any feelings or energies to rise and be felt. Acknowledge that is ‘ok’ to feel. Acknowledge its right to be felt then released. It is what it wants also after all.
  • Then just observe for any reactions. You may have feeling or emotions start to arise. You may feel the energy itself arising without the physiological expression (crying, sadness). Maybe it will be a vision or sudden memory or impression.
    • ( I release feeling the energy alone and it often feels like a lump or bunching up, a tightness or a ‘dense implosion’. It may even feel like you simply have a muscle that is contemplating cramping up on you.)
  • As soon as you feel whatever it is, don’t judge it, don’t question it. Just allow it, re-tell yourself its OK to feel this and mentally tell it that you accept it’s presence and observe it like it is about to tell you something. Like you are expecting or awaiting someone to say thing. Remain in this state until the feeling simply, vanishes. Then move on to the next area.
    • (Some areas you might need to revisit as it just seems to be endless, I have them on the top half of my spine, I just sit there and it seems endless and the feelings never seem to depart.)
  • Then go on to ankle, lower leg/calf, knee, thighs etc. Work your way up, though don’t forget to go down your arms before you go up to the neck/throat.
    • (I tend to do my torso as the front half then the back half. Note I do not mean JUST the back surface, but from the middle of the body and out to the relevant direction.)

That is all it takes. Its nice and easy.

Additional Information

Alternatively, you can use your awareness to ‘look and listen’ to this space also. Words may appear in your head or you may receive flashes of images. Just allow them to come and go, this is the releasing. If you stop and hold onto one to try judge/understand it, you are once again retaining it.

If you wish to take this method even deeper, learn how prepare for a meditative state to increase your awareness and focus here.

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