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How To: Releasing Sub Conscious Beliefs (Non-Energy Healing)

Releasing Sub Conscious Beliefs to heal our behaviour and reactions about ourselves and the world around us.

These also act as limitation. Limiting ourselves to what we think, then what we actually ARE.

NOTE: These are all based on my own method of processing and working and come from NLP (of which I am a Master Practitioner). They may not work for everyone and are not heal all or magic words. You have to be willing to do the digging and work.

Introduction to Releasing Sub Conscious Beliefs

The process assumes that you have already unearthed on of these pesky moles. They like to dig around in your brain and causing instability in your mind, collapsing and shifting the internal structure so it is constantly uneven giving a sense of not having a firm foundation and anxiety of danger and uncertainty.

If you try this on a ‘assumed’ belief (there is a mole?) or your have no real in depth awareness of it (the mole and its tunnels), only its effects (oh look, a mole hill), this will likely not be as effective.

This is simply about understanding what it is doing and why. Its not a rodent infestation to be hunting like an enemy. Just a funny, unknown creature to be pulled up like a carrot and observed and understood. Once it sees the game is up it will curl up and all but surrender. Or just squeek away in your hand and you will wonder how such a little thing caused you so much trouble.

To Start (prep):

Uncover the mole!

Find out its tunnels, where it goes, what it affects, why it decides to do what it does. You will find that its tunnel system is a lot more complex then your initially thought. Who thought the little mole hill could lead to such a complex and spread tunnel network!

This makes its easier to release and often gain more insight and realisation during this process that helps break it down even more with your awareness of the ‘why’.

Once you have some sense of ‘I am getting close I can feel it!’ I often then trot of to do the Belief releasing process. (To carry on the mole metaphor that began on writing this article.. I know where the mole goes, I know what its doing.. I can find it, pluck it up and remove it from its source of power, underground where I am not aware of it)

The Process of Releasing Sub Conscious Beliefs

This is pretty easy actually, only requires some floor space, pieces of paper and a pen!

You need 6 pieces of paper. Big enough to write the following on each piece and to read it from being stood over it.

(You can alter the words slightly to change what works for you)

  1. ‘I open to doubt…’
  2. ‘I now doubt..’
  3. ‘I open to release..’
  4. ‘I now release..’
  5. ‘I open to accept…’
  6. ‘I now accept..’

Place these in order in a straight line, roughly a step a part.

Best to be in a place where you can talk out loud or whisper for this process though you can also thinking your way through it to. Personally I find talking out loud has a stronger affect as well as looking down for the visual cue of the words. This way you can put power and emotion into your words if you happen to tap into a tunnel of trapped emotions ready to be let out.

Step onto 1 and say the words on the paper, looking at them and continue with your belief. Explain to yourself why you open it to doubt (this is were the prep work helps). Mention all your proofs that go against or prove this belief false. Also mention what it is stopping you from doing, how its holding you back.

Question if it actually in your best interest.

If it brings up an emotional response, let it. Get angry, let the emotion come out, shout if you need to, channel it all into the process. Let it fuel the process and give power to your intent. Make sure you dont re-direct it to yourself or the mole, dont use it to judge or condemn… let it out, express and let it go. When you feel you have accumulated enough passion and drive.. move onto the next step.

  1. Example ‘I open to doubt this belief that I am best staying in my current job, as I wish to take a new direction and explore a new avenue to myself and this is holding me back from the new experiences that a new job will offer me. I open to doubt this belief as I know and want to change and this belief is not letting me do that!’

Now move onto step 2. Again repeat the words on the paper carrying on with your belief. Say why you now doubt it. Repeat everything that proves it false. Even if you are repeating everything you just said. Keep looking down an repeating the words ‘I now doubt’. Mean it, put your intent and will into it.

You may find new aspects of doubt emerge. New reasons of why its best to remove the belief. Other ways its holding you back.

Voice them, laugh if you feel you want to. ‘Oh! Of course!! THATs the reason why I have SUCH trouble when I try to do that!!’ (new tunnel unearthed).  Get dramatic about it, its all expression of the energy of the process. I found the process to be rather light hearted laughter/humour at such realisations.

Add it as yet another reason why you now doubt this belief to be doing you anything good at all.

When you have enough drive and feeling like you are ready, move to the next step….

Continue along like that. Work you way through the steps. Use the beginning of the sentences and complete them. Go through why you you open it to be released, why you are now releasing, that you ARE releasing it (I use a type of grounding/rooting visualisation here) and what you are now open to accept and what it is you now accept due to this internal change.

I found it important to talk freely. Dont censor yourself, analyse, think or judge what happens, what is revealed or how you feel. Just let it flow and things will emerge.

It took quite a while for me to start getting realisations from the process though they do happen. Often the realisations were of things hidden or blocked of by the mole and its tunneling and werent directly related.

At first I felt awkward.. spent my time stood there in silence not knowing what to say. You can carry on, or go do more prep. Know when your in the flow. You will be talking up a storm and nothing will stop you striding across that floor!

I hope this works for others as it has for me. I found it a great tool and only takes a couple of minutes or as long as you want it to. If you want to stand at the end eyes closed, beaming face (like I sometimes do when I reach a state of total acceptance that feels to good) do it!

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