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Group Soul – Cloud Consciousness – Pt 9

This is all my personal experience, based on over two decades of my own growth and progression of my group soul and same soul connections and how it ties into a personal spiritual awakening and ascension Journey.

As this is a series it may be easier to understand how I arrived here by reading the previous parts first, starting with :

Back to the Beginning – The Story

I realised it was time for an update so as I was typing out the name of this post I realised that have not spoken about (that I can recall) where my foundation/basis for the Group Soul/Collective/Cloud Consciousness actually comes from.

So I want to address this here.

This is actually from a very personal experience I had covering the span of several years that you may have seen me refer to as ‘The Story’.

‘The Story’ is.. well, it is both my past soul memory highlights I received between the ages of 13-25 yet it also the ‘plan’ for this life (though I didn’t realise this until much later when it started to actually happen!).

In it I was introduced to all the basics of energy, dimension, energy beings, ascension, twin flames, cloud consciousness etc all many years before I came across them in this world.

So in this article I will cover the part regarding the Group Soul/Cloud Consciousness/Collective.

‘The Story’ – Introduction to the Group Soul

I never actually wrote this down, not until over a decade later. Before then it only existed in my head as I channelled it down via creative imagination which I was always doing. So I have lost a lot of it, though I will paste here what parts I have regarding this.(To note. ‘People’ means ‘The People’, a race of energy beings. ‘Family’ means those of the same energy/consciousness. ‘Mate’ refers to the companion, the ‘other side’ of your being. The archetype meaning in ‘twin flames’)

Family meeting…lots of people gather. Some wander around in bodies other merge into the mass cloud of energy. Walking in and out people sit around laughing, drinking. I am talking to another female. She grins at me. She is me. The men are all me, so are the woman.

The men are also all Mate (masculine?). A man strolls over and gives me a kiss on the lips and welcomes me. I say I will be with them soon. They are all him.

Everyone is divided into their immediate ‘family’, the groups we work in. Gathering from different dimensions, different worlds.

I go off to find the one Mate I am the closest too.

The cloud of energy is what I came to call ‘Cloud Consciousness’. Collective Consciousness would also match, however it is all perspective based. The ones walking around in body would be ‘Collective’ yet the Cloud is just Consciousness.

All were the same Being, just existing in multiple points of awareness, multiple aspects each with their own point of perspective. A point of reference different to the others, independent.

This was the first time this was mentioned.

It was mentioned again years later when the Story continued into my 20’s.

Laying the Foundation

This is my foundation knowledge source of these types of connections, all of which has since come into play in my life and ascension path in 2016. Just as I did in the later parts of The Story, I came across a group of people that I could tell were of the same Consciousness, a Collective, only to realise years later that I am actually of the same consciousness as them.

I just came out a lot earlier, hence I WAS alone when I first came out. There were no others. They all came out at the same time.. maybe that is why there are such vast differences between us. Age, culture, gender… all different to the point I was feeling the black sheep of the family, apart from the others because I didn’t come out in the same mould as them. Outcast. They all knew each other and met early on in their life, where as me, I am the farthest away I can be…

I guess it is more akin to finding out you have siblings you never knew existed! I thought I was alone and have been up until then. Oddly the Story started too come through to me when the last ones where being born.

Well, I think that makes a nice explanation of where all this concept comes from. I wanted to show I didn’t just make it up and that I have a foundational ‘pre-occurrence’ of it before it came into my life, which acts as a type of ‘previous proof’. This is much more a sturdy foundation to have the experience AFTER the information, as to get the information of the experience after can be dicey as by then there is already a pre-conceived notion.

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