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If you would like to submit a question for Twin Flames FAQ you can do that via Conscious Bites FAQ.

Have you dreamt of your twin flame when you were a child?

I didnt dream of the person no, though I did dream of trying to find someone.

It was a regular dream I had for many years (over a decade) of running around shouting ‘where are you!?’ without actually knowing whom I was actually shouting for.

Any TF SHOULD have these pre-signs before meeting/knowing whom their TF is. TF existence doesnt begin on meeting them. It always was and should always have been there.

Do any twin flame couples start to purge at the same time? As I discovered that I’m a twin flame, I could feel my dm’s purging and emotions and everything. It was as if I was handling the DNOTS of both of us at the same time.

This could happen yes. I have often felt something happening for me only feel it happening to my TF at the same time.

When something happens to your TF, it doesnt feel the exact same as if its happening to you directly. There is a general noticeable awareness of being aware it is happening to another. It is their experience you are aware of, not the same as your own experience.

Why do I still keep seeing numbers related to my twin flame in large quantities on daily basis, when I gave up and don’t care about him anymore, just living my life where everything goes well since I stopped chasing?

Just because you mentally decide to stop caring doesnt mean your own spiritual awakening has stopped and neither does it mean your connection stops either. It was there long before you met and will continue long after.

You (and many others) need to stop viewing this from a ‘human’ only level.

When the Twin Flame DF taps into her masculine energy (focusing more on her own development, finance, career, being more productive, etc.), does the DM tap into his feminine energy as a result?

Each fem and masculine energy can be different. Remember they are still separate human beings on this plane and those bodies are individual. Thus some energies will still remain separate (as we do not have physical merging of the human bodies!). So this level will not influence each other.

Also, I would suggest NOT dividing everything into fem or masculine. Things we ‘do’ , things in life arnt not connected to either, that is just attachments the mind makes. Finances are not ‘masculine’. They are things that are ‘done’, they are neutral.

Dividing everything up into black/white, masc/fem is duality and something TF (and most awakening) are meant to be balancing and moving OUT of it…

When I surrender and my TF starts to chase, how can he heal if I am not running?

You are attaching WAY to much onto conceptual perceptions here!

Runner and chaser is a general idea not a stamp or label one becomes. Also we are usually doing both at once. This is dualistic thinking ‘one is chasing so one needs to run’. No.

All you need to do is stand still. Neither chase nor run and work on yourself whilst being open for your TF to work on theirself and let TF get on with theirs as you get on with yours.

Is it normal to have major depression after separation, even after one year of zero contact with your twin flame? I’m in a black hole and can’t find my way out. I can’t get him out of my head, I think about him 24/7 and all life’s meaning is lost

This is a common side effect of separation. It can also be the start of a dark night that you will go through. I would suggest you read up on dark nights and how to deal with the beginning of the ‘separation’, how to address what you are feeling mentally and emotionally. Looking to healing and removing attachments, but first you have to let yourself grieve, which is what you are doing.

Once my twin flame’s right eye twitched and my left eye twitched at the same time. Is it normal to feel each other’s sensations or it happened for a reason? Maybe some sign from the universe? I know it’s not a big deal but still I’m curious.

It is hard to say with simple things like eye twitches. There is no context or ‘message’ to it (unlike others I dont like to assign meaning because there is non present to make it ‘meaningful’ as I am attached to messages’.)

I like to deal in potentials than absolutes, especially with something that has little context to go on. It could be a shared energy spike in your shared energy system that affected you both at once. It could of been a ‘reaction’ to something to try draw your attention of both of you to. I could also be just a coincidence.

I know people like to say ‘there is no such thing’ but that is highly restricting and forcing the unlimited to a limited ‘reason’, which imo isnt healthly and is just about control.

Curious is a good thing, it what helps us remain aware and tentative to our connection and Other. Also helps us to remain open 🙂

Why do people distinguish twin flames as romantic, divine, and karmic? How are they different from each other? When one or both are awakened before meeting each other, which category do they fall into?

Twin Flames and ‘Karmics’ are two different things.

Karmics are used for another ‘souls’ that we have past life issues to sort out on our way to ascension. Though often these are usually just nasty people that we cross paths with and there is no connection at all.. I guess labelling them something keeps people feeling they have something ‘special’. hence people in abusive relationship call their abuser the twin flame also.

Romance can happen with twin flames, karmics or any other type of 3D relationship. Its is an action, a way of expressing emotion and feeling. Whilst TF can ofc have this, it is included within their connection, its not THE connection itself. Hence people say a soul connection isnt a romance or just earthly 3D relationship.

Divine is the the fact that the real connection between TF is the divine level the connection is based and found in. It is the divine dimensional state of their exist that makes ‘twin flames’ to start with. It isnt ‘two people with a connection’, that is the shadow of the real, true connection, which is on the divine layers.

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