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Not many realise that there is a Spiritual perspective of Gender ID and expression. They are also part of spiritual awakening, healing and self-acceptance.

Self-Awareness and Self-Acceptance.

No, it isnt ‘just a label’. That is a very 3D perspective from an ego that doesn’t like to be labelled and thus controlled. This is not enlightened nor evolved. It is blunt force denial and the acceptance of ones Reality Experience and thus self. As far as the mind is concerned, if it isnt labelled, it doesnt exist. That isn’t progress..

I had to ask myself:

‘What is my Experience’.

What that is, is your Experience of your Reality that you are. This Experience includes the Spiritual perspective of Gender ID (though the ID word here is no longer suitable and becomes Gender Experience) and Expression that you are experiencing in that reality, it is PART of that reality and thus you.

These are two different experiences, two different aspects in our overall Experience. If they were MEANT to be the same, they WOULD be the same. As they arnt, they, you, are exactly as you were meant to be. ‘Conforming’ isnt in the Existential dictionary.

However, I found a common perception of the ‘mind’ is to think that these two separate things MUST match. That they MUST be the same. An Ego mind cant stand this ‘difference’ in itself and moves with the belief that all must be uniform and conform… There is no room for ‘other’ or ‘difference’.. even ‘duality’ here.

Spiritual perspective of Gender ID and Expression becomes your Experience you are having, not something ‘you’ are, not something you label. Not something you attach to as your ID extension nor for the safety of being labelled and thus, cementing in the ego/minds existence.

I feel I should add footnotes here.. This all comes from my own experience of self-inquiry and awareness and is based on my own findings and lessons.

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