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This so-called ‘stage’ of Twin Flame Surrender can be the longest and most challenging in the whole process, however a lot of this goes down to the understanding of surrender and thus how to approach this.

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I would say what makes it the most challenging is the misunderstanding of what surrendering actually means.

Common misunderstandings going around actually create blocks that only supports longer separation and can stop you reaching the various union stages you need to go through.

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Cause & Effect of Inaccurate Understandings of Twin Flame Surrender

Cause – Giving up on anything with the other and only focusing on yourself with the intention of this being for the rest of your life (without them).

Effect – This effectively blocks them out completely of your whole awakening and ascension process. This stops all energy exchanges and communication that is required for the actual process to flow. Twin Flames SHARE this process as they are the same being. BOTH are needed in this and how they see, treat and perceive/intend for each other MATTERS so blocking them off so completely you simply just hit the breaks and put yourself, process and existence in full on denial.

Cause – Letting them go and telling yourself that you should not be thinking about them or feeling anything for them, whether considered a good or bad feeling or reaction.

Effect – Yet more blocking and denying of self. Feelings, thinking is part of this process, of course you should be doing these! Feeling your way through this is how you understand what work needs to be done, thoughts that arise tell you how you really see and understand on a sub conscious level. These are necessary parts and helpers of the process.

This is confounded even more by the self-judgements and admonishments along with feelings of guilt/shame when we cant do this. Might as well try to stop breathing! Twin flames are meant to think and feeling for each other, what is important is the intent and where it comes from, the state they are in, come from and create.

Cause – Thinking this whole journey is about ‘you alone’.

Effect – This is the growth of your soul, the same soul/Being that you and your Twin Flame BOTH are.. how can this NOT be about both of you. You share the same process, the same path, you can not finish this process without the other.

Yet again this is self-denial, self-blocking, denial of the connection also. I think this misperception came along born from a mix of ‘bypassing’ of fear and denial of the Twin and the preservation of the ‘ego self’ and its ‘individual/independence’. It can also be an attempt to ‘stop the pain’.

Cause – The ‘God’ or ‘Source’ requirement.

Effect – The creation from other person who is ‘God’ believing and believes ‘God’ plays a vital role in their connection thus passing on the idea that other needs ‘God’ also to complete their process and Union.

This is of a perception and conceptual understanding that doesn’t always come into the picture. Source is ‘everything’ thus ‘Source’ being a requirement is a separation of Source from itself. It isnt needed or a requirement in that sense.

‘God’ is a perception of something greater and isnt shared by everyone in the same concepts. It is not a requirement for any same soul connection. If it isnt in your experience, dont think it NEEDS to be. Experience is more important them conceptual understanding.

So what is it?

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Twin Flame surrender is about letting go of mental and emotional negative attachments made from wounds and pain of the mind and heart. This is usually caused by past trauma/drama and trying to view/understand this as a ‘normal 3D relationship’.

Most notable are that we hold regarding love and relationship which then just get projected onto the TF connection.

This brings about and triggers the pain body and the mind cant understand that pain so to have a Twin MUST mean and end in a relationship together, living together, marriage. Thus the pain will then end, that is how these things go afterall….

Though of course this isnt a relationship. It is a path of spiritual awakening and ascension and anything ‘together’ on the Physical Plane comes last. That is AFTER all the Inner Unions (for both Twins), the Unions with the Higher Self (for both Twins), then they can really start to have their Inner Unions between each other. After that we can start to look at a decent physical ‘life together’ (if both choose).

You maybe need to do some inner work on understanding this fact. Connection and Union doesnt = being physically together in marriage. It is an expectation which when doesnt get met, creates such uncomfortable states.

This is the healing part of the process, once healed you will no longer feel emotional or physical pain at not having them with you, you will still want, choose, prefer to be with them, maybe feeling a dull ache, though you wont be suffering so much due to it. It all dwindles to a dull reminder of what you would prefer, what you miss.

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