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Beyond Twin Flame? Monadics, Multi-Flames & Collectives.

This Beyond Twin Flame video includes: #twinflames #soulmates #MonadicTwins #CollectiveTwins

– TF Concept is not the ‘highest form’ of connection.

– On higher levels our ‘types’ are all equal (ie no types)

– How you can have more than One ‘Twin’… yet can’t have more than One (Paradox? Welcome to beyond 5D!)

– Beyond Twin Flame . Collectives. More than two twin flames.

– Monadics. – Soul, Oversoul, Monad.. Different path for different States

-My current perspective & understanding of my State of Existence (beyond 5D) – Cloud Consciousness and its Independent Aspects

– All Aspects are the same ‘connection’

– Any Aspect can become any role (connection type) as needed by the others. Of course this all fits into celebrity same-soul connections also.

This is an update of my own current lessons and working my way out of my current belief and perspective systems. (hence others may find this useful) This is all based on my own Experience and understanding from my consciousness that is constantly changing as I grow. I have been on the TF Process for over a decade now and the spiritual awakening/ascension path for over two decades. We are all at different stages, on different paths and processes. Mine may not match yours and it isnt meant to.

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