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Writing to Let Go of What was Let Go.

It feels like I have a single aspect left to transcend. Aligned with physical body sight and reality.

Having removed all the illusions I am left in shock and disillusionment of them gone.

Hence the empty, darkness. Unsure what to do. Unsure what/how/why.

This explains my uncertainty and fear at the sudden change, thought it is a change I accept. I understand my reaction and give myself the time to adjust and process. Yes ‘barren’ I feel that, the lack, scarcity! Though it is temporary whilst I adjust. ‘Calibration. Acceptance’.

I have been denying for a while until recently. To accept it, I am feeling now, is to accept that which is gone. Hence the resistance. Well, I accept it is gone. I let it go through my own actions and more importantly, MY OWN FREE CHOICE and WILL!

I choose this.

Wanted this, so why hold on to something I decided I didnt want anymore? Ys, it maybe precious, loved yet I choose to move on. I take that love with me even though I let them go. They helped me to get this point. That is what they were for, their part is over.

So with gratitude and love, I carry with me I let them go. To not let them go is to hold them back from their purpose and meaning. So they are gone.

Time to accept it, I accept they are already gone, I was just refusing to accept it as I thought it would make it true. That that is the illusion.

They are already gone and I fully accept that and my current state without them. I don’t need them anymore, I have outgrown and moved on.

Grieving and accepting they are gone is what is best for me now, also accepting how and why I am without them. ‘Who’ I am without them. Accepting the fact that without them, I am still here. The lack, scarcity is simply all I have removed from myself, I get that now.

I thought I was meant to get it back, but I was wrong. It is what I choose to lose, I accept they are gone and let go of their loss and trying to re-find/gain them.

I just felt like a circle was completed, like a wheel made whole inside!

So letting go of my need of what was lost, I wait to become aware and accept what IS now.

Even that barren lack, it shows that I have indeed dropped illusions and stories.

No more focusing on what is not there, what is gone.

Acceptance they are gone and moving on without them.

Right no more mentions!

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