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Legacy of the Divine Tarot Review

I was rather surprised when a larger than expected box arrived and assumed it wasn’t my Legacy of the Divine Tarot deck that I was expecting. Upon opening, yes it was indeed the Legacy of the Divine tarot deck.

This deck came in a large glossy coloured box that I found made quite a good statement on first opening. The size of the box became clear when I opened it to find a rather large guidebook and a deck of cards. This is only the standard edition of this deck so there is no bag/box to keep the cards in, which is included in the other versions. There is a cardboard box in the lower half of the overall box, which you could use, though it rather big and basically just there to fill the space.

Guide Book

Entitled ‘Gateway to the Divine Tarot’ this is a lovely, high quality, colourful, glossy cover and a surprising thick book. The quality of this book is rather surprising and without knowing what the book was on first glance, I would assume its a full fiction novel.

This book is divided into three sections.

  • The Story

This is basically the story of how the deck came about. I admit I haven’t actually read this story myself so I can’t say any more about it.

  • The Cards

This section starts with an introduction to the deck, which is based around the Rider-Waite deck. It also introduces the 4 contributors towards making this deck including the digital artist and other well know tarot readers who all contribute to each cards meanings and interpretations. It then goes on the meanings of  each card, which I was rather impressed by. Each card has at least 2 pages of descriptions and meanings that include:

  1. Interpretation by all 4 contributors
  2. Keywords
  3. Reversed meanings
  4. Description
  5. Meanings
  6. Elemental Attribution
  7. Astrological/Planetary Attribution
  8. Gifts
  9. Advice
  • How to Read Tarot

This goes from the basics of what tarot are then goes on to how to, draw, read, store and connect to the cards. Then it goes into spreads and then there is a marvellous index of all the other meanings on the cards, numerology, element, astrology, planetary, zodiac and how they are match to the cards.

Legacy of the Divine Tarot Book Spreads

Spreads Include:

  • Daily Spread
  • Legacy Spread
  • Page Spread – What is needed in your situation
  • Knights Spread – Exploring higher purpose
  • Queens Spread – Advice
  • Kings Spread – Support and Assistance

The Legacy of the Divine Tarot Cards


This is highly glossy, vibrant deck and based on digital artwork. They are roughly 12cm high and 7cm wide and felt smaller than usual in my hands. They do however shuffle very well, sliding well without being to slippery in the hand.


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