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Conscious Spirit Oracle is my latest and currently active oracle deck I have purchased and I LOVE it. I was after new energy for a new progression and this hit the spot! Beautiful imagery, even the rear image is perfection.

It comes in a thin card box, which being truthful, is a tight fit. Fiddly when you want to constantly take the cards and book from the box all the time.  In fact it was too much of a tight squeeze. I opted to keep my cards in a separate wooden box.

Guide Book

The guide book itself is a pretty standard black and white printed paper book. A basic 2 page introduction and how the deck came to be and it is straight into the card meanings. Good size font.

The Conscious Spirit Oracle Cards

What was lacking in the guidebook and decent box for storage is made up right here.  These are 44 high and bright colour images where the back is just as awesome as the front.

Now these cards do appear to feel thinner and easily to bend. You can’t shuffle them with heavy hands, though I believe this is due to the fact they are not encased in any heavy high gloss cover. They keep a slight paper feel and quality about them which makes them lovely to hold.

They are bordered and the cards include the 7 main chakras. A few archangel cards and are self-described as a feminine deck. Whenever I do reading with these cards online, if I can, I post a link of the image and it is usually received with replies of how gorgeous the cards are. I have found these to be some of the most highly accurate readings, though that may be personal for myself following feedback from those I regular draw cards for and sometimes they have requested this deck.

Example Conscious Spirit Oracle card and guidebook meaning

Spirit Awakens – I embrace my soul purpose and align all aspects of my life to it fully

We are often so caught up in the physical and mental aspects of life that we neglect our spirits and our souls. This card is a reminder to you that the spirit aspect of self is one that endures, life after life and must be acknowledged and nurtured on the physical plane. Perhaps you place too much emphasis on your physical body or your mind. By awakening the spirit within you are able to become aligned to your soul purpose and can find peace and meaning to life. Beware of allowing others to determine your spiritual path. It is a very personal journey and you must find our own. Do not allow others to force their beliefs or religions on you

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  1. This Review is very pleasant to read and very informative also the Cards are very precise this is from my personal experience of you doing a card reading on me, keep up the great work!

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