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Angels of Atlantis was my first oracle deck I purchased. I was drawn to the fact that the angels were not portrayed at winged humans. Instead as orbs of light, colour and energy.  It comes in a flat high gloss box and includes one guide book.

Guide Book

The guide book has decent sized font. There is a basic introduction to what the cards are and what they are based on/how they came to be. It also introduces you to the rest of the aspect the deck is a part of. The book includes a three card spread (which is a basically a past, present and immediate future spread). Then a single card spread and twelve card spread. It then goes onto the card meanings.

The Angels of Atlantis Cards

There are 44 highly glossed cards in this deck, a handful at just under 10cm across and 14cm high. I have had cramp in my hand from using these a few times. Each card has a substantial black border, though coupled with the highly coloured images makes for lovely, vivid images. The cards are divided into angels and then each angel is assigned a number of cards for example:

  • ‘Gabriel – The Divine Messager’ : Balance, Benediction, Grace, Inspiration

Each angel is represented by its own orb.

  • Metatron – Diamond orb with 2 yellow rings
  • Hanael – Garnet orb with an orange aura
  • Uriel – Pearl orb with a pink ring
  • etc

In the image below, you can see Michael is a lavender orb with 2 lavender rings.

Example Angels of Atlantis card and guidebook meaning

Michael – The Cosmic Leader

This card reminds you that the throne of your spiritual sovereignty is awaiting you and that you have al of the power of the Creator within you. When we discover our souls purpose and allow ourselves to be initiated into the world as a spiritual seeker, we are often disregarded by others, simply because the Divine can be missing from other people’s lives. Michael wishes you to sit on the throne of your true power, in the universal wisdom of the One Mind, the I Am Presence. This is the moment when divine compassion moves through you and alerts you to the fact that what you se without is also within. Feel your throne as the seat of empathy, and chant Haw through your base chakra to support this energy.20160221_145507

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