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 Animal Spirits Oracle come in a flat, glossy and  relatively thick box.

I have not used them too often as my own focus hasnt always been on animal spirit over the last few years.  They come with a guidebook and there is a yellow and orange colour theme throughout.


The Animal Spirits Oracle guide is in a decent font size, unlike some of the smaller ones they can be hard to read. The give an image of the card, its meanings (as on the card). Then give a paragraph of information followed by some ‘additional associations’.

The book also gives additional information.  Introduction to power animals, working with them, preparing a new deck, storing them, how to read oracle cards, reverse meanings and other such information which I find a great addition which other decks tend to overlook.

The Animal Spirits Oracle Cards

There are 44 high gloss cards in all and although there is a border, some of the image of the animals tend to overlap this which is a nice artistic touch. The cards are 9cm wide and just shy of 13cm high, quite a lot if you have small hands. The animal pictures themselves are not real life photos and are more of a painting style, though nicely done. They state the animal (of course), the main associated ‘aspect’ and a short sentence.

I know when looking for an animal deck, you want to be sure if covers animals you are already familiar with as guides, so here is a list of all the animals covered in this deck. Lion, cougar, bear, moose, rabbit, squirrel, raven, frog, buffalo, turtle, porcupine, deer, fox, eagle, pelican, coyote, elephant, swan, snake, horse, whale, hawk, hummingbird, dove, dragonfly, beaver, antelope, wolf, otter, black panther, opossum, monkey, raccoon, seal, koala, lynx, owl, lizard, kangaroo, badger, giraffe, salmon, dolphin.

Example Card and Guidebook Meaning

Butterfly – Transformation – Get ready for a BIG BREAKTHROUGH

‘It’s very possible to go through major changes calmly and willingly when you view them as natural and hold relentless positive expectations. Whether in the darkness before the storm of emergence, the process of coming out of the self-created cocoon (which occasions some struggle at times),  or the full and glorious expression of the new ‘you’, it’s faith in the wisdom of Great Spirit and your conscious resonate with Source that will be your guiding force. There is no need to identify with or feel constricted within the cocoon or by the darkness before the light – its only a phase!

The truth is your birthing each and every moment. Yet sometimes there are larger cycles that incorporate so many unexpected twists and turns that it can sometimes seem momentous and frightening. You may feel scattered, uncertain, flitting from this to that, with seemingly no thread of continuity that you can grab hold of. It is worth it to pause at those times, enjoy the richness and beauty of it all, and have absolute trust that it is a natural progression for your souls development. What is coming to fruition each and every time is more and more of the true Self that is your destiny.

Additional Association: rebirth,  vibrancy, reincarnation, colourfulness.’

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