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Its dawning on me how I separate ‘here’ (the physical), the astral and what I consider ‘spiritual’ occurrences and the process of ascension.

I seem to keep looking ‘here’ for the results of the process that I perceive in the astral. Though what if what happens in the astral IS my spiritual/ascension results and growth?

Ascension is the growth of the soul, the spirit, the energy and so thinking on it now, this makes more sense than waiting for ‘here’ to change in someway.

So what am I doing?

What is the point of ‘here’?

Is it a separate place to objectively view, judge and change ‘there’? Being outside of it all to look in without attachment of always being there? Though what about ‘here’ this separate self it placed? Is it to learn from the drastic differences? Or is this a whole reality where we can all change another from? If this is just another layer, then it simply just ‘is’. No special meaning at all.

So I need to re-examine my perspective on all this. I have been waiting for evidence, direction, change to happen in my life, yet it hasn’t.

Even looking to myself, on this consciousness level, I have not change all that much really. When I go beyond ‘here’, beyond this ‘me’, that is where it is all happening. Has been happening.

I have not been giving my astral self the attention and awareness that is needed. I have overlooked its importance and the importance of what has been going on there.

The growth I have been waiting, hoping for is all happening there. I do not know why I did not link them sooner. I have had my focus on the physical reality and physical consciousness level of self for such things and all my intent and efforts have come from here to.

Does this mean it is my astral dimensional self that is going through this process? My astral body that seems to have been ‘re-born’ as some point in this physical life, that is now remembering and re-awakening? Is this physical ‘me’ a type of placeholder for this process? Or is it natural for consciousness to be on multiple levels at once rather than to move between them?

This is where my confusion comes from I think I have always had this very separate awareness of these two areas which hasn’t helped me at all. I guess ‘here’ gives a sense of foundation, a harbour from the storm. Though for me, it is more offering a harbour for an aeroplane. They don’t seem connected properly.

I guess I should be asking myself..where is this issue..in reality or myself? I know the idea of all layers ARE one reality, all existing together, hence we can feel energy, presence etc whilst still in our physical reality and selves. So is it the same for myself? All layers are actually one Self and always exist together?

I never thought of it that way. Every reality/dimension is ONE reality, just as every dimensional self is ONE self.. That there is no layers, separation, dimensions of reality or self. That is in fact seeing only slices of the whole. Like just seeing one arc of colour at a time rather than the whole rainbow. Only being one arc of colour, than being the whole rainbow.

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