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Was just doing the daily tarot and when I asked ‘for me’ I realised that ‘me’ is actually only this Experience.  Then the cards fell out. King of Coins , with a hidden 9 coins behind it and Death card. Totally confirming what I just realised.

This experience is what makes ‘me’, or my idea of ‘me’ anyway. As his experience is what makes ‘him’. That reality.

King of coins grounded, physical.. 9 pents individual, independence, death change transformation.

This kind of works both ways really. In defining what IS the individual aspect and what isn’t. So that is the ‘separate, independent, individual  self, me’ The Experience of this Reality I am in.

So am I this Experience/Reality? Is this me? Or am I something else that is aware of having this experience? Is that something else having more than one Experience?

‘me’ is the perceptive of this experience. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Yes, the perspective of a me. THAT is the Experience! That is how I am experiencing. A ‘me’ perspective. Experiencing the ‘me’ perspective. Of which I am not usually Experiencing. I felt that briefly when I realised it, there was a contrast, something I could compare it to.

That is awesome J

So I am Experiencing this Reality from the ‘me’ perspective. This is what gives me the individual, sense, a ‘me’.

So I , ‘me’ was this Experience.. that Experience is the perspective of me. Though if only the perspective is ‘me’.. that what step is beyond that.

I am consciousness, which is aware of this Experience of Self. I think ‘self’ is a better word. Though ‘me’ is more direct. So This  or a self still works through

Me.. self…Consicousness awareness.. the reality unfolding within makes no difference really.

Consciousness Expereince of the Perspective of a ‘me’. Which, in form terms is stationary to one point of view.

Single consciousness = Me. Ohhhhh.

As Form = perspective as the body/self. As Experience = awareness as me/self. As consciousness…

Hmm atm I am only aware of the Experience. Awareness of the me/self experience. Though to be aware of that, means that I am no longer ‘AS’.Ok ‘I’.

Aware of my awareness of self awareness. So if my grounding isnt in form, or self (false/mental), or Experience.. where is it

ohh I

the ‘I’  that is aware of the Experience of Reality/Consciousness Self, which is having the experience of false/mental self, having the experience of Form Self

Yes that makes sense.

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