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Top 5 Twin Flame Questions & What you Should Do

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Here is the top 5 twin flame questions post. What if this, what if that.

I decided to give a view on some of these possibilities based on various questions I have seen around the internet. Following that will be my advice in general for those asking these types of questions.

Top 5 twin flame questions that focus on the Other.

Question 1: What if my Twin Flame doesn’t believe?

First of all, as I said in a previous post:

The concept itself is a 3D mental construct of understanding that is held regarding something. It is NOT the Experience or the ‘connection’ or the state of your soul. It is akin to a written description of a tree, it is NOT the tree itself.

Therefore they do not need to know of the concept or have understanding of Twin Flames, nor what they are understood to be, neither do they have to believe in it.

Why? This is an Experience, a state of existence, this is what makes you what you are, not some mental understanding oh what you are. Spirituality is about BEING the tree, not the written understanding.

This needs to be lived and accepted in whatever way it presents itself in your (and your Twins) overall Existence. That is all. Accepted, Allowed, Chosen, Decision, Agreements. All to allow this that is going on between you and everyway it develops, with clarity, honesty, willingness to grow yourselves and with each other to bring about what this is in its highest form that you can imagine and desire. All you need to do is want the best of yourself and the ‘Us’ together and work towards that. As long as you both are willing to get yourself in the best states you can be in and change your life to match, that is all you need.

Question 2: What if my Twin Flame doesnt want to be with me?

I found that many seem to judge their whole lives in one moment.

‘This is the situation now therefore it will forever remaining this way’

‘He/She doesnt want to be with me therefore never will’

Assuming this IS your Twin Flame (which you don’t find out until many years of growth later, so we will sit that aside here) there is one main avenue here at play.

She/He is not ready to be with you and most likely, neither are you. Remember this is NOT a relationship, it is a spiritual awakening path and ‘being together’ in the physical is the final step, you have to do the other work first. That is all the inner work and shadow work. All this will lead you to, ascending your consciousness, energy. This completes in ‘milestones’ of Inner Self Union of Mas & Fem. Inner Self Union with your own Higher Self/Oversoul etc. Inner Twin Flame Union of energy, energy bodies, chakra, consciousness.

You dont NEED your Twin Flame to be with you to do the majority of this work. Infact you can get through ALL the Inner Self Unions before you have even met or know of their physical selves and really.. it SHOULD be happening this way:

You might find this Series helpful in understanding this.

Question 3: What if my twin flame is running, what do I do?

This question is actually pretty similar to the question above.

Either they are not your twin flame and they are simply trying to get away from you and/or you are starting to seem like a stalker.

Or they are not ready, they are not ready themselves for this sort of experience. Not ready to start to face their fears and look at themselves. Twin flames are the same being and too face your twin flame is to face yourself. This is why ‘blocking’ your Twin out is in fact detrimental to the process rather then helpful. Yet it is also a needed part of the process to learn WHY it doesn’t help.

Again the work MUST be gone through first. Would you really want to be with them in this desperate, fearful need to hold on so you don’t lose them? Would you always want them pulling away and making every excuse possible to block you out?

That is NOT a connection, neither is it the relationship that comes about from such a connection. The relationship that comes about from Twin Flames is an ascended relationship, made on the foundation of the connection itself. If you are not aligned to this connection, your relationship wont ascend to match.

Question 4: What if my Twin Flame never comes back?

This is again similar to the first question, notice how they are basically all the same situation? Twin Flame = Not with me. That is what all these come down to. What ifs are future projections of present fears. In such projections you have already created what you fear within yourself, thus you act as if it is a done deal. You create what you fear within first. You don’t fear the projection, the state IN that projection, you fear the one you have already created within yourself.

There is little point entertaining these questions as the only part of the present that is known, is that regarding yourself. You do not know what another is thinking or feeling, what they might choose or decide in the future, even they don’t know! To give time and energy to such questions is just a waste and better spent on removing the roots of these questions. In other words, doing your own work.

How? Read ‘What Should you be Doing? below.

Question 5: What if my Twin Flame is in a relationship/married?

I have debated with myself whether to answer this one or not…

I have mixed feelings on the matter. Many say its ‘typical’ one or both are already married, yet at the same time.. it feels like it mostly the case that they WOULDNT be married as it works in detriment to the whole process.

Soul mate and catalysts I could understand being married.. though twin flames?

People who have a soul level pull and drive to reunite across ALL levels of dimensions and energy that produce profound ‘pulls’ and desires to be close by each other (due to the energy pulling them to merge) followed by the sense of ‘belonging’ (with, not to) made by the merged and harmonised energies near the physical level when close by, including the physical where these energies come through as extremely strong sexual sensations?

Where the universe moves to bring you together and makes sure you ‘happen’ and meet. To then make a ‘hinderance’ to all this such as loyalty and marriage too another?..

I dont know.. it seems very counter intuitive to me.. Yes its all about soul growth.. but this INCLUDES the physical human level and our very lives, why else BE here to start with.

No, sorry, I don’t buy they can marry others or at least STILL be married when you meet..

What Should you be Doing?

Initially, when you find yourself asking these questions I would ask you to ask yourself..

  • Why am I focusing on them so much? Their actions. What they do or don’t do?
  • Why am I judging that?
  • Why am I sat here complaining about them?
  • Am I doing the work MYSELF that I am complaining THEY arnt doing?
  • Why is it I want them to be doing something else?
  • How would I feel if they judged me in the same fashion?
  • How do I really feel whilst I am doing this? Anger? Denial? Pain?
  • What is this behaviour trying to cover over?

As I can assure you doing ALL this wont get you anywhere. It isn’t about the other, its YOUR responsibility to work on yourself, not to stand and oversee what your Twin flame is or isn’t doing to your standard.

All your behaviour comes down to your attachments and expectations, the need to do your own inner work and shadow work. That behaviour is just evidence of what you still need to do on yourself.

You may like to read the follow articles that connect and relate here.

If you would like to see another Top 5 twin flame questions.. let me know!

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