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Healing the Illusion, Losing the Content

The ‘illusion’ from what I can tell, understand is the individual, separate nature of my current Being/Experience. Yes, my human-level nature is individual in the sense that it is a ‘self-contained’ system, though that isn’t what this is about.. That is an illusion created by the human-level conscious experience and I am not there anymore. That is a new path opened, I can see. Yes, humans are, though that is not relevant anymore. This is a new level of perception I am seeing over the horizon of. Ceiling of the last and the floor of the next.

I am not rooted, experiencing that awareness from that level anymore. So it feels ‘not the point’ or ‘not it’. So, I would say the illusion is where I am now or the very thing I just mentioned.

That illusion or trick is of an awareness and consciousness perspective. Maybe ‘where’ i am now is where I ‘wanted’ to be, I know it is where I need to be.

Just about left the ‘human self’ behind.

All that ‘content’. (I can feel it below me now)

I can choose to move beyond/above the layer where all that content is. I want to do that, it is nice up here. I am definitely over 50% content-less. It is peaceful, serene, empty, still. Not the mind, but awareness, consciousness in this human experience, though n longer the same. ‘Ascended Human’. Both, in-body ascension. It is, becomes everything your are aware of, in any moment.

I keep going into and out of awareness of this, I hope to move full time there, very soon.

It is the peace and freedom I have been after, if not part of it.

Is this connected to my initial topic or a natural shift? Must be related, there is no longing here, no pain, no loneliness. That isn’t here, I guess that is ‘content’. Maybe it literal only exists ‘down there; and you only need to work on enough to rise above the rest?

There is nothing here, no spirituality, soul connection, path, nothing. Just Being in the true sense, no content, no filler.

I can see the sense, there is a ‘layer’ where they all cease to be, to exist. As they are all ‘content’ on certain layers. You hit a place where they arn’t needed or exist anymore. Not as ‘content’ anyway. Thus all the pains in/of that content are gone to!

Yes, I like this, this is good, right?

I can feel there is more here, though right now, the rest, break of the ‘weight, is good. I think this maybe the overwhlem I have been feeling and making me drained, or at least part of it.

There is a place/state where all that ‘content’ stuff just ‘becomes’, like the content is a shadow of it, a thing within a space than the space itself.

Ok, so what I can sense in this peace is a ball, sphere.. wiggly – squiggly black lines in a light and warm, soft space. Is this the left over content or something new on this level?

It seems to be on a level with my head, eye, right side, slightly away from me, a few meters, its nearly as tall as me.

I think this space is where I ‘thought’ the ‘others’ should be, if so, it is pretty much ok just as it is to be honest.

Shows all that pain and fear comes from further down. You can rise above those things. (You don’t have to work and heal every single thing)

I must be over a lot of them to, I have been saying I don’t feel the pain and loss. I maybe just couldn’t see where I truly was.

I wont try to work this place out and decided what it is/isn’t.

I just want to be here and move fully into it. No more content or roots reaching right down to that content, still in the human experience though, just an ascended human. Will just observe this ‘sphere to.

After a break…

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