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I am writing this follow on as now, a day or so later it is starting to dawn on me just what has been going on!

After my energy working, later that day, I brought my Higher Self in to ground, root and balance with her.  As this was happening I was visited suddenly by a jackal headed,  extremely well built entity who I picked up as ‘Guardian’ who was returning.

Having a connection to a higher vibrational/dimensional Egypt I did not find this too strange so I welcomed him and also Anubis to help me with this transformation.  To my slight surprise, after a few seconds I was informed that he would have to work in and through me to which I agreed and a few minutes later I feel something on the outer edge of my energy field being moved up and out.

After a further few minutes I am told to breathe her back in.

This has all left me extremely confused, in a good way, with a completely new outlook on everything.

What if.. I came here to separate from my higher/spiritual self, not to ascend and grown as a human, but to grow and ascend my spiritual form? An ultimate, spiritual ‘letting go’?

My tarot are now saying this is the rebirth and things are now going ahead.

In a strange way, I feel this is true, yet the slightness of the experience makes me think that, if it ACTUALLY happened, then surely it would have been more ‘explosive’?

I AM the ascended version of my so -called ‘Higher Self’. It is from me that the new is reborn using the ashes of the ‘Higher Self’. It makes so much sense now… no wonder if took me so long to realise.

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