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Blog of Justice. Bringing Clarity to the Loss of Self and Twin.

This sort of sums it up really. My solo mission is to bring Justice to the loss and ‘losing’ element of going through a spiritual awakening and soul connection. Not just that but with being incarnated at all. The sense of what is to be lost, already is lost and what never actually was to start with. Tarot: Justice and 5 of swords. The sum point of my last 16 years of writing and its taken this long for me to work this through.

I realised that is is what my writing and blog had been about for me and when I asked my tarot about this it gave me ‘You have everything your need’ along with ‘victory with a lasting sense of belief and legacy’.

I asked my cards, what else do I need to add to this blog to fulfil this and the cards it gave me were (Quantum Tarot V2 deck):


5 of Cups: In the suit of cups, the combative energy of the fives is experienced as a distressing sense of loss. In any conflict there seems to be a winner and loser and the 5 of cups focuses on loss. This card is about recognising and acknowledging the finality of loss, but it also gently reminds us of what we may yet gain.

Queen of Pentacles: The Queen of Pentacles is a similarly nurturing, maternal figure symbolising the endless fertility of the natural world. She represents a physical container for the earthly energy of pentacles and acts as midwife and generous mother to all our plans.

2 of Cups: Cups are the realm of emotion and the 2 of cups can often indicate falling in love and entering a relationship. However, this card represents any meeting of minds and hearts and might just as likely indicate a friendship or business partnership.

This initially speaks to me of the loss on not only awakening but to pre-incarnation. To realise that awakening isn’t about going back to who or whatever spiritual being we were before we were incarnated here.  Instead, realising that this life in this physical world, these physical bodies (containers) are for the ability to grow, form and nurture a BRAND NEW spiritual being.

That by letting go of our previous spiritual (way of) being and taking form in a brand new blank container or vessel, this enables us to grow a brand new version of ourselves, free from the limits and confines of our previous Being.

This loss is immense. Not only do we lose who and what we always thought of ourselves in this physical life, we now have to let go of all that we used to be even before that. The ghost, memory of who we used to be and let go of in order to be here. In order to progress even further beyond who, what and how we used to be.

This is the same as a Soul Partner/Twin Flame existence. The energy of our Being essence that makes us this, is always there no matter how often we change our way of Spiritual Being, yet this connection is also re born along with both Beings. It has to be let go of in order for it to be reborn and grow beyond its limitations of the previous (way of) Being and so it begins a new, to be grown and nurtured.

The proverbial of emptying the cup before it can be refilled with something more then it previously contained… though in this case  you are in essence melting down the cup and re moulding it into a new cup in between the emptying and filling.

Just writing this has given me some peace. I didn’t know what to write in this article, all I had where those three cards, yet I seemed to have found my own clarity in this loss just by letting myself type as guided by the tarot.

I have already gone through the letting go of the loss of my spiritual self, all my soul and spirit has gone through. Everything I went through as a Soul Partner, with my Soul Partner. That was several years ago now though I never realised it was a main part of the process until now and to be honest, that was one of the hardest things to let go of.

So in effect.. much of the loss has already taken place. All that is left is the sense of emptiness where it used to be. The sense of loss of our spiritual being, which when let go of leaves the space for the growth and nurturing of our new (way of) Being.

This to me, is a much better explanation to the ‘loss’ experienced on awakening. Not due to the loss of the physical self.. but the remembrance of what and who we used to be and left behind.

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