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Review: Egyptian Tarot (Grand Trumps)

Sometimes, I just wish I could separate the major arcana from my decks. Though that would take a while and when you want a quick reading its too much effect. So here we have the first of my Triple Egyptian Deck. The Egyptian Tarot – Grand Trumps by Silvana Alasia. Nothing but the major arcana. I have had these since November 2017.

The Guide Book

To be honest, apart from the cover, the book is black and white and whilst having a pretty pattern around the pages, its pretty standard.

There is a brief introduction to Egyptian creation of tarot via Thoth. It comes with a single layout and  meanings for the cards are a single key word and brief description. The book is written in English, Italiano, Espanol, Francais, Deutsch and Russian.

There are also a few ‘note’ lined pages at the end of the book.

The Egyptian Tarot (Grand Trumps) Cards

The 78 cards I found are surprising tall at 5.5 inches by 3 inches wide.

The image are full of little symbols and are highly individualised so they are great if you are a visual reader.

I tend to use these in conjunction with my other three Egyptian Decks as archetype cards.

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