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Suggestions & Idea Polls

If you would like to see something added, either a request or just an idea to share please add it in the comments here.

Please bare in mind I only write based on my own path, journey, experience and awareness. If I am unable to add your topic, I will reply letting you know. If it is something I am aware of though am unable to write on just yet, I will let you know also.

What is everyone’s thoughts on forums and/or a more community themed site?

I already have a Discord server, yet I am unsure how many people see this purely as a ‘gamers’ application, which it has now grown beyond into hosting many more things. I would love to add a forum for people ask more questions, share and help people to help each other.

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2 thoughts on “Suggestions & Idea Polls

  1. I’m going through a really hard time dealing with this stage in my celebrity/non-celebrity relationship. I think he is not self-aware yet and I know there is not much I can do but work on myself. Emotionally it is so hard to see him so happy without me. It happened first in 1989 and there has been no real progress. I am going through so much. I hate this. My life has been so ordinary. I know I chose it, but I always wanted to be more and no matter what I did, nothing happened. Sorry I sound so negative. I broke up with my long-time boyfriend. I needed to. It was time. I probably shouldn’t have vented. I’m scared and depressed. Sorry again. I don’t know who to talk to about it. Thank You.

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